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MLOps with Azure Databricks and MLflow

Oliver Koernig walks us through some of the basics of MLOps using MLflow and Azure Databricks:

Most organizations today have a defined process to promote code (e.g. Java or Python) from development to QA/Test and production.  Many are using Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes and oftentimes are using tools such as Azure DevOps or Jenkins to help with that process. Databricks has provided many resources to detail how the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform can be integrated with these tools (see Azure DevOps IntegrationJenkins Integration). In addition, there is a Databricks Labs project – CI/CD Templates – as well as a related blog post that provides automated templates for GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps, which makes the integration much easier and faster.

When it comes to machine learning, though, most organizations do not have the same kind of disciplined process in place.

Read on for a demonstration of the process.