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Moving a Semantic Model from SSAS to Power BI

Teo Lachev explains why it might make sense to move a semantic model from SSAS over to Power BI:

We decided to move the semantic model to Power BI so that Power BI owns the data. Besides potentially improving the report load time, this architecture has also other important advantages (to learn more, read my “Power BI Large Datasets: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” post). If you’re not on Power BI Premium, that “movement” might not easy if you have opted to use Visual Studio or Tabular Editor for development. That’s because Power BI Pro doesn’t expose the XMLA endpoint, so your only option is to migrate the model to Power BI Desktop. But migrating an SSAS Tabular project to Power BI Desktop is not officially supported and there is no automatic migration path.

Click through for the full explanation of why, as well as notes on the process.