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Azure Active Directory and the DatabricksPS Library

Gerhard Brueckl has updated the DatabricksPS library:

Databricks recently announced that it is now also supporting Azure Active Directory Authentication for the REST API which is now in public preview. This may not sound super exciting but is actually a very important feature when it comes to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines in Azure DevOps or any other CI/CD tool. Previously, whenever you wanted to deploy content to a new Databricks workspace, you first needed to manually create a user-bound API access token. As you can imagine, manual steps are also bad for otherwise automated processes like a CI/CD pipeline. With Databricks REST API finally supporting Azure Active Directory Authentication of regular users and service principals, this last manual step is finally also gone!

If you do use Databricks and haven’t tried out DatabricksPS, I highly recommend it. I think it’s a much nicer experience than hitting the REST API directly, particularly because it deals with continuation tokens and making multiple calls to get your results.