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The Pain of Nested Powershell Modules

Fred Weinmann explains why you probably don’t want to build a nested module in Powershell:

Yay, but … that is not enough for some people:

– What if somebody copy&pastes it to another machine and forgets the dependencies?
– What if another module uses the same dependency, but at a different version?
– What if I don’t want to confront the user with those dependencies?
– What if a later version of my dependency breaks things? I just tested this version!

And the answer to all four of those is the same: Ship dependencies within your own module, hidden from prying eyes. With the NestedModule feature of PowerShell modules we natively support that as well. Great! Feels good, feels stable, feels reliable, feels … solid.
It’s an illusion.

Click through to understand why this benefit is illusory.