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Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis in R

Sanil Mhatre walks us through a sentiment analysis scenario in R:

Sentiments can be classified as positive, neutral or negative. They can also be represented on a numeric scale, to better express the degree of positive or negative strength of the sentiment contained in a body of text.

This example uses the Syuzhet package for generating sentiment scores, which has four sentiment dictionaries and offers a method for accessing the sentiment extraction tool developed in the NLP group at Stanford. The get_sentiment function accepts two arguments: a character vector (of sentences or words) and a method. The selected method determines which of the four available sentiment extraction methods will be used. The four methods are syuzhet (this is the default), bingafinn and nrc. Each method uses a different scale and hence returns slightly different results. Please note the outcome of nrc method is more than just a numeric score, requires additional interpretations and is out of scope for this article. The descriptions of the get_sentiment function has been sourced from :