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The Pains of Database Restoration

Stuart Moore covers some of the pains of database restoration in two posts. First, why dbatools’ Restore-DbaDatabase is a complicated as it is:

At first glance Restore-DbaDatabase looks like a slow lumberig complex beast. In reality it’s not that bad.

It’s the result of design decisions I took in wanting a solid versatile command that could cope with everything that people would want from it.

In this post, we’ll go through the main decisions/points of contention one by one

Stuart then covers the limitations of Restore-DbaDatabase:

Like all tools, Restore-DbaDatabase isn’t able to do everything that everyone wants it to. Certainly, at the moment I’d like it to write it’s own blog posts and fetch me a cold beer, but that doesn’t happen

A lot of the below isn’t complaining about people asking for features. If we can do it, we will, and we’re keen to make this work for as many people in as many situations as possible

But quite a few requests over the years have been non starters for a number of reasons.

Read them both; they’re part of Stuart’s 31 Days of Backup and Restore with dbatools series.