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Query Acceleration for Blob Storage and Data Lake Gen2

James Serra takes us through Query Acceleration for Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2:

Just announced is Query Acceleration for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS) as well as Blob Storage. This is a new capability for ADLS that enables applications and analytics frameworks to dramatically optimize data processing by retrieving only the data that they require to perform a given operation from storage. This reduces the time and processing power that is required to query stored data.

For example, if an application will execute a SELECT statement that filters columns and rows from a csv file, instead of all pulling the entire csv file over the network into the application and then filtering the data, it will instead do the filtering at the time the data is read from the disk, so that only the filtered data is transferred over the network to the application. So if you have a csv file with 50 columns and 1 million rows, but the filters limit the data to 5 columns and 1000 rows, then only the 5 columns and 1000 rows will be retrieved from the disk and sent over the network to the application.

Click through to learn more, including current libraries which support this and information on the additional cost. I’d really like to see PolyBase support this, as it would alleviate one of the problems with using Blob Storage + PolyBase: the need to pull all of that data down to your SQL Server instance before doing any filtering.