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Scheduling SSIS Packages in Azure

Magi Naumova takes us through the process of running SSIS in Azure Data Factory, including the scheduling of jobs to run our SSIS packages:

The main purpose of these tools is to force the Lift and Shift approach of migrating and running existing SSIS Packages in Azure. I wouldn’t say that this is the most effective approach of transferring the ETL to Azure, but it could be a good start on a road of a Modern Azure Datawarehouse Architecture. If you have already deployed SSIS packages in Azure SSIS Catalog, then SSMS 18 helps you to put them on schedule very quickly.

Running SSIS Packages in Azure requires provisioning of SSIS Runtime Engine, an Azure Data Factory instance and a SQL Database which hosts the SSIS catalog. Scheduling SSIS Packages in Azure requires creating a data flow pipeline in ADF which has a trigger defined for scheduled execution. While describing all those concepts is far above the scope of this chapter, a short description would be useful.

Read on for a good amount of detail and a demo which walks through the process.