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Building FAQs on a Power BI Dashboard

Evan Rhodes takes us through building out a FAQ for a dashboard:

I suppose you could add a bunch of text boxes with questions and answers. But, what if you have several questions and there isn’t enough space? I’m reminded of something a fantastic boss once told me, “Never pass up an opportunity to wow someone and grab their attention with your work.” So, let’s add some wow effect to this by leveraging the bookmarks and buttons functionality.

Bookmarks and buttons allow us to create a user experience that is intuitive to the user and that allows them to navigate around the page easily by just clicking. In this case, click on a FAQ and the answer appears. Click on the FAQ again or a different FAQ… I think you get the point.

If you need this on the dashboard itself, this is probably the right way to do it—there for the one time you need it and hidden away the rest of the time.