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Inserting Geospatial Data into Cosmos DB

Hasan Savran shows us how we can use the .NET SDK to insert geospatial data into Cosmos DB:

GeoSpatial Data can help you to answer many questions in your business If you know how to use Spatial data. Searching data by radius can bring you all kind of interesting data. For example, If you know the path of hurricane, you can make searches by using the path and find all your customers under that path. Then you can be proactive and do something about this upcoming problem for your business.

     Many databases support Spatial Data Types, I will cover how to store Spatial Data in Azure Cosmos DB in this post. I have an earlier post about how to import Spatial Data into Azure Cosmos DB by using Data Migration Tool. I will focus on how to store spatial data by using .NET SDK in this post. I used .NET SDK 3.8.0, you can get the latest SDK from here..

Click through for a demonstration.