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Generating Scripts as a Notebook in SSMS 18.5

Emanuele Meazzo is excited about some new functionality in SQL Server Management Studio 18.5:

Microsoft just dropped SSMS 18.5 after almost 5 long months without any updates; this new release fixes a lot of bugs and introduces a few new features, above them all I’m now showing you the following.

I’m sure that you used the the “Generate Scripts” feature in SSMS quite a few times, you could generate the code for schema and/or data for any (or all) the objects in your DB, especially if you haven’t embraced that sweet, elusive, devops workflow.

Well, good news! Other than file, clipboard and the good ‘o new query window, you can now export directly to a new Notebook.

Read on to see what you have to do and what the output looks like.