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Monitoring Data Quality on Streaming Data

Abraham Pabbathi and Greg Wood want to check data quality on Spark Streaming data:

While the emergence of streaming in the mainstream is a net positive, there is some baggage that comes along with this architecture. In particular, there has historically been a tradeoff: high-quality data, or high-velocity data? In reality, this is not a valid question; quality must be coupled to velocity for all practical means — to achieve high velocity, we need high quality data. After all, low quality at high velocity will require reprocessing, often in batch; low velocity at high quality, on the other hand, fails to meet the needs of many modern problems. As more companies adopt streaming as a lynchpin for their processing architectures, both velocity and quality must improve.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into one data management architecture that can be used to combat corrupt or bad data in streams by proactively monitoring and analyzing data as it arrives without causing bottlenecks.

This was one of the sticking points of the lambda architecture: new data could still be incomplete and possibly wrong, but until reached the batch layer, you wouldn’t know that.