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Two Query Store Stories

Mark Wilkinson gives us two separate takes on Query Store:

When the Query Data Store (QDS) feature was announced for SQL Server 2016, we were excited about the prospect of being able to have deep insight on any query running in our environment. I work for a company that deals heavily in the e-commerce space, and we have a large SQL Server footprint. Our environment is unique in that is essentially a multi-tenant system, but all the tenants could have wildly different workloads. It’s really the kind of query execution scenario QDS was built for. We had the pleasure of working with the Microsoft SQLCAT team to get 2016 and QDS up and running in our production environment before it was GA.

In this post I’m going to share two stories about our QDS experience (from pre and post GA of the feature). One from the perspective of the Database Developer, and one from the Database Administrator. For the most part this is not a technical post full of queries and code samples. It’s just me talking about some things I have experienced using QDS in production.

CentralQDS, by the way, is really cool. Hopefully we’re able to show that to the world someday (and note how I say “we” even though I did absolutely nothing with it except for being in the same company as the people who developed it).