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Storing Power BI Audit Logs in Blob Storage

Gilbert Quevauvilliers works around a built-in constraint with Power BI Audit Logs:

With the new Power BI Get-PowerBIActivityEvent I wanted to find a way where I could automate the entire process where it all runs in the cloud.

One of the current challenges with the Audit logs is that they only store 90 days, so if you want to do analysis for longer than 90 days the log files have to be stored somewhere. Why not use Azure Blob Storage?

Whilst these steps might appear to be rather technical if you follow them and you have access to an Azure Subscription you can do this too.

Gilbert warns us up-front that this will be a lengthy post and that is quite true. But if you need to hold those audit logs more than 90 days, this is a great way of doing so.