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Benchmarking Apache Hadoop Ozone

Istvan Fajth and Mukul Kumar Singh take us through a benchmarking test of Apache Hadoop Ozone:

Apache Hadoop Ozone was designed to address the scale limitation of HDFS with respect to small files and the total number of file system objects. On current data center hardware, HDFS has a limit of about 350 million files and 700 million file system objects. Ozone’s architecture addresses these limitations[4]. This article compares the performance of Ozone with HDFS, the de-facto big data file system. 

We chose a widely used benchmark, TPC-DS, for this test and a conventional Hadoop stack consisting of Hive, Tez, YARN, and HDFS side by side with Ozone. True to the current industry need for separation of compute and storage, which enables dense storage nodes and elastic compute, we run these tests with the datanodes and node managers segregated. The fundamental ambition of this endeavor, and the subsequent effort in optimizing the product, is to be comparable in terms of stability and performance to HDFS. To that end, we would like to call out the amazing amount of work put in by the community over the past several months towards this goal.

It’s interesting to watch the Hadoop community work through these sorts of challenges, where the hardware paradigm has differed quite a bit from when HDFS was created.