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Splitting Strings with T-SQL

Andy Levy recommends using STRING_SPLIT():

Last year, you finally retired the last of your SQL Server 2008R2 instances. Congratulations! But are you taking advantage of everything that your new instances have to offer? Unless you did a review of all of the T-SQL in your applications, I’m guessing not.

At one time or another, we all find ourselves having to do some string parsing, especially splitting strings on a delimiter. Nearly all of us have one (or two or a dozen) functions for doing this somewhere on every instance of SQL Server. But since SQL Server 2016, we’ve had an official way to do it – the STRING_SPLIT() function.

Andy’s example involves splitting strings, but there are plenty of functions which come into the T-SQL lexicon. It might be worth doing a quick review of the available system functions just to see if there’s something useful which slipped with a newer version of SQL Server.