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Flink in Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Dinesh Chandrasekhar announces support for Apache Flink in Cloudera Streaming Analytics:

We cannot hold our excitement anymore! For the last few months, our Data-in-Motion engineering teams have been working hard to deliver a compelling and critical part of our Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) story. To enhance our Stream Processing and Analytics narrative within the overall Data-in-Motion platform, we give you support for Apache Flink with the general availability of Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA).

Cloudera Streaming Analytics, powered by Apache Flink, is a new product offering within the Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) platform that provides real-time stateful processing of IoT-scale data streams and complex events for predictive insights. Cloudera DataFlow (as seen in the picture below) is a comprehensive edge-to-cloud real-time streaming data platform. As one of the key pillars of CDF, stream processing & analytics is important for processing millions of data points and complex events coming from various streaming sources. Over the years, we have supported several streaming engines but the addition of Flink now makes CDF an extremely compelling platform for processing high-volumes of streaming data at high-scale. 

This is adding support for Flink; it looks like Spark Streaming and Kafka Streams are also supported, though they are pushing Flink as a first option rather than one among equals.