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Static Analysis of Hadoop Libraries

Maxim Stefanov ran a static analysis of several Hadoop libraries and here are the findings:

After the analysis was completed, I chose the most interesting warnings and noticed that I had the same number of warnings in production code and in tests. Normally, I don’t consider analyzer warnings from tests. But when I divided them, I couldn’t leave ‘tests’ warnings unattended. “Why not take a look at them,” I thought, “because bugs in tests might also have adverse consequences.” They can lead to incorrect or partial testing, or even to mishmash. 

After I selected the most intriguing warnings, I divided them by the following groups: production, test and the four main Hadoop modules. And now I’m glad to offer the review of analyzer warnings.  

Read on for the list. Hopefully Maxim submitted a few pull requests or at least Jira tickets for the projects.