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Jupyter Notebooks and Cosmos DB

Hasan Savran shows how we can use Jupyter notebooks with Cosmos DB:

After you enable the Notebook options, you are ready to analyze or visualize your data thanks to Python language and Python packages. Cosmos DB makes your life easy to write Python and install custom packages to use with your data. There are couple of great internal commands and wildcards you should know if you like to use Notebooks in Azure Cosmos DB. First one I want to introduce you is, %%sql command. This command lets you select data from your containers by using SQL API. You can select data and add it to your Python data frames. You need to define which database and container you want to use before you pass your query. Here is an example. In the following example, I want to use my database named Stackoverflow, and container named Posts. Then I pass the query.

These are internal notebooks, meaning no separate Jupyter server required. There’s a separate way of learning the Cosmos API from external notebooks.