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Data Copy & Package Execution in ADF

Cathrine Wilhelmsen continues a series on Azure Data Factory. First, we get to see how to copy data from on-prem SQL Servers:

In the previous post, we looked at the three different types of integration runtimes. In this post, we will first create a self-hosted integration runtime. Then, we will create a new linked service and dataset using the self-hosted integration runtime. Finally, we will look at some common techniques and design patterns for copying data from and into an on-premises SQL Server.

And when I say “on-premises”, I really mean “in a private network”. It can either be a SQL Server on-premises on a physical server, or “on-premises” in a virtual machine.

Then, we learn how to run SSIS packages in Azure Data Factory:

Two posts ago, we looked at the three types of integration runtimes and created an Azure integration runtime. In the previous post, we created a self-hosted integration runtime for copying SQL Server data. In this post, we will complete the integration runtime part of the series. We will look at what SSIS Lift and Shift is, how to create an Azure-SSIS integration runtime, and how you can start executing SSIS packages in Azure Data Factory.

I’m going to guess that the next post will be all about the third integration runtime.