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Finding Parameter Aliases in Powershell

Mike Robbins has a quick script to find aliases for parameters in Powershell cmdlets:

While sitting through Jeff Hicks‘ Advanced PowerShell Scripting Workshop at PowerShell on the River in Chattanooga today, he mentioned there being a “Cn” alias for the ComputerName parameter of commands in PowerShell.

I’ve previously written a one-liner to find parameter aliases and at one time Microsoft had starting adding parameter aliases to the help for commands as referenced in that same blog article, but it appears that they’ve discontinued adding them to the help and removed the ones they previously added to it.

To be honest, I don’t like aliases that much. Between tab completion and nearest match (where I can type “C” and get “ComputerName” because it’s the only parameter which starts with a C), that satisfies one-off scripts. And for reusable scripts, I’d want to use full names so that the next person doesn’t hunt me down because all of my parameters look like “C” or “Dep”.