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Testing TPC-H with Batch Mode

Niko Neugebauer looks at TPC-H query testing in both row mode and batch mode:

I executed every single query enough times so that the execution would be run totally In-Memory (64GB of RAM is enough because we have our data compressed, as I mentioned earlier in the SETUP part). This would allow me to mimic a busy system that has enough resources to process the reading workload. Since the Batch Execution Mode is focusing on the CPU improvements, I decided to sample not only the total elapsed time, but the CPU times so that we can do some judgements of the CPU bandwidth variation. Lowering the CPU consumption fo the high-demanding CPU queries is a key in order to improve the overall system parallelism (well, watch-out for the memory, of-course).

Each successful execution was sampled at least 3 (and in some query cases over 5 times) and then the result would be averaged, so that we can have a higher confidence.

Niko has some interesting findings, some good for SQL Server and some not so good.