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SQL Assessment API

Ebru Ersan announces a public preview of the SQL Assessment API:

SQL Assessment API is a new mechanism to evaluate configuration of your SQL Server for best practices. The API methods are used by means of a SQL Server Management Object (SMO) extension and new cmdlets in SqlServer PowerShell module. API is delivered with a ruleset that is highly customizable and extensible. It can be used to assess SQL Server versions 2012 and higher, both on Windows and Linux.

Looks like you can customize rules as well. I wonder if it will work better (or have more support) than Policy-Based Management. I’m also clocking how many minutes before dbatools supports this…

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  1. Aleksei Guzev
    Aleksei Guzev2019-08-01

    It works with dbatools:

    PS> Connect-DbaInstance -SqlInstance . | Invoke-SqlAssessment
    PS> Get-DbaDatabase -SqlInstance . | Invoke-SqlAssessment -Verbose

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