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Convenience Functions In wrapr

John Mount walks us through some of the language conveniences available in the wrapr library:

wrapr supplies additional q*() methods.

  • qae() “quote assignment expression” where both sides of assignments is taken as un-evaluated. I.e.: qae(x = 5+1) yields c(‘x’ = ‘5 + 1’) regardless if x is bound or unbound in the environment. This is a bit of a complement to := which looks-up bindings/references (i.e.: x = "z"; x := 5+1 returns c(‘z’ = ‘6’)).

  • qe() “quote expressions” for quoting complex expressions. Similar to quote(), except it returns a list of strings (not a language object). The qe()method is not as interesting to end-users as the other methods mentioned, it is designed to help in implementation of methods that take a non-assignment expression or list of expressions such as rquery::select_rows_nse().

Read the whole thing.  := probably gives the most obvious immediate benefit but the whole set seems useful.