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Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator for Fabric

Tino Zishiri takes us through an accelerator solution:

Microsoft released the Healthcare Data Solutions in Microsoft Fabric in Q1 2024. It was introduced as a “A game-changer for healthcare data analysis” by Umesh Rustogi, General Manager of Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Data Platform.

Microsoft Fabric is a unified platform that bundles services, apps, and connectors under a single umbrella, providing users with the tooling to meet all data and analytics needs.

The Healthcare Data Solutions are built on top of this robust service offering. The solution is aimed at users who are looking for a powerful tool to integrate and transform Healthcare data. In addition, users can run real-time analytics, data science workloads and meet business intelligence needs without compromising the privacy and security of their data.

Click through to learn more about how this works for defining an industry-standard architectural pattern.

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