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Common Table Expressions in Postgres

Ryan Booz builds a CTE:

In the first article in this transforming data series, I discussed how powerful PostgreSQL can be in ingesting and transforming data for analysis. Over the last few decades, this was traditionally done with a methodology called Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) which usually requires external tools. The goal of ETL is to do the transformation work outside of the database and only import the final form of data that is needed for further analysis and reporting.

However, as databases have improved and matured, there are more capabilities to do much of the raw data transformation inside of the database. In doing so, we flip the process just slightly so that we Extract-Load-Transform (ELT), focusing on getting the raw data into the database and transforming it internally. In many circumstances this can dramatically improve the iteration of development because we can use SQL rather than external tools.

Read on for the scenario and how you can use common table expressions in Postgres. They’re very similar to what we have in SQL Server, though a few differences do exist.