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Testing with Databricks

Anh Nguyen Viet shares some thoughts on testing in Databricks:

With diverse support and a focus on workspace uniformity, Databricks can bring many benefits to the testing process, such as the following:

  • Centralized: Databricks provides an integrated environment for many teams (including testing team also), allowing them to work focused and productive. Integrating tools and services in a single platform reduces fragmentation and increases efficiency during testing.
  • Consistency: Databricks offers integrated tools and services, allowing testers to work consistently across the entire testing process as a uniform and efficient working environment.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Cost Reduction: With the flexibility and efficiency in data processing supported by DataBricks, testers can save time and effort, thereby increasing work productivity and reducing project costs. Utilizing utilities properly helps automate the testing process and delivers better results.

Read on for a few tips around building tests using Databricks.