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Buy that Keyboard

Andy Levy shares some good advice:

The holidays have passed and it’s a new year. You probably have a gift card or two and haven’t decided how to use it yet. Allow me to help:

Buy that fancy keyboard you’ve been coveting. Yes, the $100+ model. And get the good mouse/trackball while you’re at it. Just do it.

Back in my formative days, I would often get the cheapest keyboard and mouse to add a little “budget” flair to my custom PC builds. But nowadays, I highly recommend against that approach for the same reasons Andy does. A $100 keyboard isn’t guaranteed to be better than a $50 keyboard, but they’re both typically going to be better than a $10 keyboard. And if you have a nice enough computer store around, go try some of these out and see what fits best. I love mechanical keyboards—especially when I had the chance to annoy the people around me with a buckling spring keyboard—and there are a variety of types with different required levels of pressure. Do a little digging and find the keyboard and mouse that work best for you.