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Heps, Clustered Indexes, and Non-Clustered Indexes

Erik Darling starts a new series:

Some of the best questions I get some clients, conference attendees, and random email, are about how to design indexes.

A lot of developers out there have a rather foggy picture of exactly how indexes work. They’re all seen phone books, and drawings of B-Tree indexes, but some common things still escape them.

In this post, I’m going to talk about a few things like I’m speaking to someone who has never created a table before.

The problem with the phone book analogy is that there’s an entire generation of people who haven’t used phone books.

Also, Erik has his own spin on the classic NUSE for cluster indexing.


    • Kevin Feasel
      Kevin Feasel2024-01-12

      I would have fixed it but now I can say you’re a hep cat.

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