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Math Operations in T-SQL

Daniel Hutmacher builds a few functions:

As part of spending waaaaaay to much time trying to solve the 2023 Advent of Code challenges, I came across multiple instances where I had to dust off some old math that I hadn’t paid attention to since I went to school back in the 90ies.

So for my own convenience, and yours, I’ve built functions for some common math that you might perhaps encounter at some point. I found this whole experience to be a great way to familiarize myself with a lot of the new functionality in SQL Server 2022, including GENERATE_SERIES(), LEAST(), GREATEST() and more. The Github repo contains a SQL Server 2019 version where I’ve built drop-in versions of the 2022 functions, but they probably won’t perform as well as the built-in stuff.

Click through for demonstrations of determining whether something is a prime number, finding the greatest common divisor and least common multiple, factorization, factorials, and even a bit of combinatorics.