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Advent of Code Day 8 T-SQL Solution

Kevin Wilkie continues a series on this year’s advent of code. Day 8:

To make life a little simpler for all of us, I used a variable that I just pasted my instructions into. In my case, I called it @FollowThis allowing it to be up to 300 characters in length. Hopefully, no one’s instructions list is over that length – if so you’ll need to make that adjustment.

I also created a variable called @BackUpOfFollowThis that is strictly a copy of the original @FollowThis variable. (No muss, no fuss)

Once I place all of my inputs into the dbo.AOCDay8 table, we can easily start slicing and dicing.

And the more complex form for day 8:

First, we find out that we’re now starting with multiple positions – anything that ends with an A – and finishing anywhere that ends in a Z.

To make this happen, we’re going to want to create another table that will have all of our positions that end with the letter A.

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