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Continuing the Advent of Fabric

Tomaz Kastrun has me playing catch-up. First up, monitoring workspaces in Fabric:

The easy way to check, view and track your activities and execution and runs of notebooks, data pipelines, data factory executions, datasets refresh, and many others.

Next, third-party applications:

Apps are collections of dashboards and reports in one easy-to-find place. Go to Apps and click on “Get Apps”.

And finally, the admin portal:

Admin portal serves purpose for governing and setting the Microsoft Fabric, where you can make  tenant settings, also access the Microsoft 365 admin portal, and control how users interact with Microsoft Fabric.

To access the admin portal, not only you need a Fabric license but also admin rights with the following roles (in one of these roles; if you are not, you can only see Capacity setting in the admin portal):

  • Global administrator
  • Power Platform administrator
  • Fabric administrator

If you’re just getting started with Microsoft Fabric, you could do a lot worse than going through Tomaz’s series.