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Advent of Code Day 6

Kevin Wilkie continues the advent of code series. The first part builds a small tally table and a loop:

Today we’re going racing! Sadly, it’s so not F1 or NASCAR racing. Snail racing is more like it since we’re moving millimeters by the end, but at least we’re closer to getting snow back to the elves, so let’s go racing!

Given a few numbers that are times and current record distances, this actually doesn’t look too bad to work with. First, as always, we have to load our data into SQL Server. This time, I loaded all of it into one table.

The second part goes back to the big tally table:

Sadly, this does make our numbers rather large, so we’re back to using the big ole Tally table we created for Walking Through Advent of Code Day 5.

This time I made it a little simpler on myself and just removed all of the spaces myself and placed the data in variables (one for time and one for distance). I thought this was an excellent idea since only one number would come out of all of this work.