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Advent of Code Day 5

Kevin Wilkie continues the advent of code. Part 1 starts with data prep and ends with some of the analysis:

There was a lot going on with this one, so let’s go ahead and get started. First thing we want to do, as always, is to go ahead and load all of our data into SQL Server. With this one, I cheated a little and loaded it into multiple tables to start with – since there are 7 different groups of data that we have to play with.

Could I have loaded it into one table and pull from there into other tables? Absolutely! Do I really want to? Heck, no!

Part 2 continues cross-referencing over a larger set of data:

This time, the meaning of the seed numbers is slightly changing on us. Instead of it only being 20 seeds we have to cross-reference (at least that’s how many seeds my input lists out), we now have 10 seeds and a rather large range of numbers to work with after each of those 10.

Thankfully, we can still use our Tally table to create yet another table with all of the seeds listed in it – yes, all of them!

Read on for Kevin’s solution.