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GPS Data in PostGIS

Ryan Lambert clues us in:

One of the key elements to using PostGIS is having spatial data to work with! Lucky for us, one big difference today compared to the not-so-distant past is that essentially everyone is carrying a GPS unit with them nearly everywhere. This makes it easy to create your own GPS data that you can then load into PostGIS! This post explores some basics of loading GPS data to PostGIS and cleaning it for use. It turns out, GPS data fr om nearly any GPS-enabled device comes with some… character. Getting from the raw input to usable spatial data takes a bit of effort.

This post starts with using ogr2ogr to load the .gpx data to PostGIS. Once the data is in PostGIS then we actually want to do something with it. Before the data is completely usable, we should spend some time cleaning the data first. Technically you can start querying the data right away, however, I have found there is always data cleanup and processing involved first to make the data truly useful.

Click through for an example of how it all fits together.