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Analyzing Shiny App Startup Times

Osheen MacOscar wants to know how long it takes to start up that Shiny app:

In the last blog I spoke about using Google Lighthouse to test the speed of web pages. I wanted to build upon that and use Lighthouse to test some Shiny apps.

To get a feel for Shiny’s performance in a Lighthouse analysis, I needed a lot of shiny apps that I could test and create a dataset from, so I used the entries to the 2021 Shiny app contest, which is a competition where people enter Shiny apps to be judged on technical merit and artistic achievement. I used the 2021 apps as there has unfortunately not been a competition since. A full list of the submissions can be found on the Posit Community website.

Read on to see what you can do with Lighthouse, as well as a few pain points around it.