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Advent of Code Day 3

Kevin Wilkie lives the struggle. Check out part one:

Then we do something very similar to what we did in Walking Through the Advent of Code Day 2 – find the digits, and the remaining text, and we’re home free!

Notice, though, that the position we grab is found at the very end. We just find the string in the line and show where it is. Except, that doesn’t always work.

And then there’s part 2:

Hopefully, by now, you’ve read my post Walking Through the Advent of Code Day 3. After looking through it, you’re probably thinking… “What have I gotten myself into? Is SQL the way to go with all of this? Can I back out now and learn a programming language that AoC can be done in “easily”?”

Click through to experience the pain or at least have a little bit of Schadenfreude in your life.