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Continuing the Advent of Code

Kevin Wilkie has been busy. Here’s Day 1 Part 2:

Today, I want to review part 2 of Day 1 of the Advent of Code series. Hopefully, everyone was able to complete part 1 with no troubles, or at least understood what I did to get there.

For part 2, they added a slight wrinkle to the part 1 puzzle. They spell out the numbers into actual words! How do you find them as well as find the numbers? Well, my friend, let’s go through that process, shall we?

After that is Day 2 Part 1:

On day 2, we are asked to gather data from a series of games and to see which of those are possible given a specific number of dice for a few colors. Fun times!

And then there’s Day 2 Part 2:

Today, we’ll be working on the next in the series using the data and processes that we found yesterday in Day 2 Part 1 – found here.

Thankfully, we were smart when we began working through the data and we have the data for each of our dice in separate tables, so breaking the data apart has definitely paid off! Now we can do just a little bit of work with the data from yesterday and we’ll be ready to give the results!