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Updates to Azure Well-Architected Review Assessments

Stephen Sumner shows off some changes:

Microsoft is excited to announce a significant update to the Azure Well-Architected Review assessment helps you build and optimize workloads. It walks you through a series of questions about your workload. Based on your responses, it generates tailored and prioritized recommendations to improve your workload design. The guidance is actionable and applicable to nearly every workload. It aligns with the latest best practices across the five key pillars of reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency (see figure 1).

I’m a big fan of the Well-Architected Framework and the assessments Microsoft has put together. An assessment can take teams within a company days to complete because the questions are so thorough, but once you do get through the list, you’ll get some great practical insights on your setup and what you can do to improve performance and save money.

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