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Faceted Images in ggplot2

Steven Sanderson shows multiple plots on one image:

Data visualization is a crucial tool in the data scientist’s toolkit. It allows us to explore and communicate complex patterns and insights effectively. In the world of R programming, one of the most powerful and versatile packages for data visualization is ggplot2. Among its many features, ggplot2 offers the facet_grid() function, which enables you to create multiple plots arranged in a grid, making it easier to visualize different groups of data simultaneously.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of facet_grid() using a practical example. We’ll generate some synthetic data, split it into multiple groups, and then use facet_grid() to create a visually appealing grid of plots.

Read on for the demo script. The text talks about facet_grid() and the demo is facet_wrap(). The two behave very similarly, though they have slightly different use cases.