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Deployment Pipelines for Microsoft Fabric

Reitse Eskens crosses a line:

It’s a bit of a challenge to keep up with all the changes, updates and all the new stuff coming out for Fabric. As I’m not really invested in the PowerBI part of the data platform (yay pie charts ;)), some things that are very common for the PowerBI community are very new to me. I have it on good authority that this blog covers a feature that is well know within PowerBI but quite new in the data engineering part. When I say that, I need to add that at the time of writing, only the PowerBI side of things are fully supported but I have very good hopes that pipelines and notebooks will be supported as well.

Supporting pie charts are fightin’ words here. Nonetheless, read on to see how deployment pipelines work in Microsoft Fabric.


  1. Reitse Eskens
    Reitse Eskens2023-09-22

    I knew the Pie chart remark would elicit some response 😀
    This is the exact reason I’m not allowed near reports. And rightfully so!

    • Kevin Feasel
      Kevin Feasel2023-09-22

      Haha, it was pretty much the first thing I saw.

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