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Sending Azure Cost Management Data to Azure Data Explorer

Brad Watts writes out some cost data:

Understanding your Azure Spend is one of the most important things you do as an Azure customer. Azure Cost Management is built into the platform to provide you insights. But we live in a world of data and looking at the Azure Cost Management data in a silo may not meet your organization’s needs. In those situations, we can solve that need by putting your Cost Management data into an analytical platform like Azure Data Explorer or Microsoft Fabric KQL Database. Here we can bring in or join additional data that’s useful, run ad-hoc queries and build visualization tying it all together.

Using the below repository, you’ll be able to utilize Azure Cost Management exports to setup an automated process that ingests the cost data into ADX or Fabric KQL Database.

There are several steps involved, but as Brad points out, you can do this either with Microsoft Fabric or with classic Azure Data Factory + Azure Data Explorer. I’d also throw in Azure Synapse Analytics, but that’s not as in vogue anymore.

Werner Zirkel also has a great comment showing how you can cut out most of the steps with Event Grid.