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Automatic SSL Certificate Updates for SQL Server

Jamie Wick doesn’t want to waste time clicking mouse buttons:

In a previous post (How Secure Are Your Client Connections?) I covered using SSL certificates to encrypt client connections to SQL Server. One part of the process that has always been annoyingly repetitive is the need to regularly renew/update the SSL certificate(s) and reconfigure SQL Server to use them. In the past our SSL certs were good for 3 years. Then in 2020 Google, Microsoft, Apple & others announced that they were reducing their certificate validity period to a maximum of 398 days. Recently, there have been proposals to further reduce the validity period to 90 days. When this happens (and I’m certain it is a when, and not an if situation), manually replacing SSL certs on multiple SQL servers will not be a viable option.

Read on to see what Jamie’s solution to the problem is.