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BotChat BiWeekly

Mala Mahadevan starts a newsletter:

I do my best to find trustworthy sources to learn from, but you know how it is – sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s legit. So, if you ever see me post something that seems a bit off, please cut me some slack. These aren’t necessarily my opinions, just things that caught my eye.

What I learn is just my take on what I heard or read. It might not always jive with what the original speaker or writer means, or understand. I don’t use any fancy AI bots like ChatGPT to help me out. I just quote stuff and break it down in my own words.

Mala focuses on a pair of videos. I snuck into the newsletter with a few bomb-throwing statements, particularly around anthropomorphism (the assignment of human or human-like qualities to non-humans). Anthropomorphism is extremely common in language. It’s all well and good as metaphor, but once you start to believe it for real, that’s when you end up in trouble.