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Near-Real Time Reports with Power BI and KQL

Dany Hoter can’t wait:

Real time and near real time are subjective terms.

For some businesses, real time is up to 1 ms latency and for other cases 10 minutes latency is considered close to real time.

Lately I encountered a few cases in which Page refresh in PBI was used on a dataset using Direct Query against Kusto/ADX/RTA.

In this article I’ll cover a few best practices to ensure that such an implementation will be successful and conserve on resources.

I’m a bit of a stickler for the term “real-time” so I appreciate Dany’s preface here. The way I learned real-time versus online (versus batch) is, online is when you expect a result quickly but real-time is something you’d put in a fighter plane. And it turns out that, when you explain what the bill will look like, very few companies have the need for true real-time results.