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An End-to-End Microsoft Fabric Implementation

Jordan Witcombe takes us through an example:

This blog will walk you through the entire data lifecycle of ingesting data from SharePoint and Azure Blob Storage, through the lakehouse pattern, and finally to the reporting stage – all using Microsoft Fabric.

As we’re well into summer now, festivals can be a great way of spending time with friends and family. But all too often, we each want to see various acts and activities. How can we make this easier? With this dataset I created, it takes a simple Excel / CSV file with acts, stages, who wants to see this, and a personal rating. We will run this through the lakehouse pattern and finish with a curated/gold layer which can be used for reporting directly on top of. For more information on lake layers, you can see Ed’s blog Medallion Architecture: What is it?. So, you can highlight those clashes and keep everyone happy during your festival fun!

Read on for the showcase.