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Updates to sp_QuickieStore and sp_PressureDetector

Erik Darling has been busy. FIrst, sp_QuickieStore:

The first thing on the list that I want to talk about is the ability to cycle through all databases that have Query Store enabled.

If you have a lot of databases with it turned on, it can be a real hassle to go through them all looking for doodads to diddle.

Now you can just do this:

Next, sp_PressureDetector:

I added  high-level disk metrics similar to what’s available in other popular scripts to mine. Why? Sometimes it’s worth looking at, to prove you should add more memory to a server so you’re less reliant on disk.

Especially in the cloud, where everything is an absolute hellscape of garbage performance that’s really expensive.

Click through for both sets of updates and thank Erik for his willingness to give so much to the community.