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Loading Data from On-Premises SQL Server into Microsoft Fabric

Reitse Eskens spends an hour or so:

In my previous blogs, I’ve written about Fabric and all the cool things it can do. Thing is, my load tests were based on files. Either CSV or Delta. But in reality, a lot of data comes from an on-premises database server. In reality, you might connect to a SQL 2008 instance or maybe even older. Truth be told, I haven’t got an instance in that version/edition around anymore. So I had to use SQL Server 2019, a version I’m encountering more often nowadays.

For this blog, it won’t make much sense to create a humongous database and try to get all the data in. Fabric will cope, the major issue (in my experience) is the internet connection between my local database and the Fabric environment. One thing I’m really curious about is if Fabric will have the Link capability that was introduced for Synapse Analytics and SQL Server 2022.

There’s no Link capability currently available, so Reitse does the next-best thing and uses Fabric pipelines.