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Against Keys in Fact Tables

Marc Lelijveld searches for keys under the lamppost:

Another blog post based on recent client experiences. Last week, I visited a client where we had extensive discussions on data model optimization. As you might know, data modeling in Power BI is one of my favorite topics, so I had an excellent day. It’s also not the first time that I blog about anything data modeling and optimization. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend reading my previous blog on this topic.

This blog will focus on the need of keys in your tables and primarily your fact tables in your data model. I keep running into data models at customers which are flooded with keys in all tables. For each of them you should ask, do I really need this and could I save it in a different data type for further optimization. In this blog, I will further elaborate on keys in your data model, typical use cases and how these cases can be solved in different manners.

Read the whole thing. The really short version is classic Kimball-style advice: keys for dimensions, not for facts. And in Power BI, removing a unique column from a fact table can speed things up by shrinking the compressed fact table size.