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Scanning for Startup Procedures in SQL Server

Steve Steadman reminds us of a SQL Server feature:

The Scan For Startup Procs feature in SQL Server allows you to specify a list of stored procedures that will be automatically executed whenever the database engine starts. This can be useful in certain scenarios, such as when you want to perform tasks such as restoring a database or performing maintenance tasks when the database engine starts.

“Scan for startup procs” is a configuration option in Microsoft SQL Server that determines whether the server should scan for and execute stored procedures that are marked as “startup procedures” when the server starts up.

I’ve used this to good effect in the past, but there is a fundamental problem with this approach: it’s easy to forget about these, potentially leading to a difficult search for why some action took place. If you only let sysadmins add or change startup stored procedures, then I’d consider this just as little a security risk as xp_cmdshell: if the attacker already has sysadmin, the attacker can simple enable the feature, so there’s no real value to denying yourself the capability if it makes sense in your environment.